Nature Metamorphosis Ballet Music Space Core Movement Experience



Processes in nature are the inspiration for art.
Art is through the form, improvisation, movement, experience.
Ballerina is trapped in the core.
It is protected ring. Space in the sphere is made up of the conventions of art.
It manifests the essence of ballet.
What will happen if you try to tear down the border to the chaos of possibilities.
The film shows the movement towards the outside. Metamorphosis.
Ballerina, as well as any artist, is released. Tends to show his individuality, his subjectivity.
But crossing the border it is no longer the same. She lost her life to liberating.


2 Responses to “Ballet”

  1. I see you’re working a lot Mister Zarbis.
    Thanks for your message and video.
    I often go and visit your YouTube too.
    Have a great sunday!!

    • Thanks dear Mrs.WWW.
      Once we were all together on My Space and now we are separated for various sites. Most of our mutual friends is on
      Very interesting site, but there are many difficulties in sending photos. I stayed in My Space because of memories of old friends.

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