Earth, Air and Fire


Earth, Air and Fire

Earth Air Fire Infinity Symbol Nature Space Fission Fusion Dragon Magic Game Earth Air Fire Transformation Deformation Motion

I used up all my words to tell you tha I love you land

I went into the sky to find the pen of hell

I survive the fire of the Stone Age

If I can save a few races

I do not want to take any glory

Neither under nor the cross and that justice is

See Lord as I have lost my mind

Lord where? When I know me rebel

Flames coming fraternal. I am so!

At the root I take the words they will understand

Long ago a world only asked to live

After 6 years 0OO0 hand here, from here the cities have fallen asleep

By je ne sais quoi perhaps ignorance

Where is the fire burned through intolerance

There is apart of mistrust alternating

While there is more water in the fields

And the light of heaven refuses foresight

So she gave and so many caring

After so many wars in the breezes meaningless

Go tell the dictators of what comes before time

The abundance of land that loving flowers

Giant people hear the thousand words of the White Dove

His feathers are beautiful, they herald spring

Hello centuries of wars revenue tailwind they slowly depleted

Children from once refusing to destroy the earth

Where these fires die heather shoulder

Princes are tyrants like heaven angry

Through your letters made of nuclear alchemy

It’s always the same old welded to our galleys

One forgets the fire, sky and earth

I used up all my words to tell you that I love you land

I went into the sky to find the pen of hell

I survive the fire of the Stone Age

See my back bent with all these miseries

Osmosis exploring the universe

I just returned from mainland rewinding the rout backwards

And I spend whole nights to save the nightingale singing

Announcing the new winds slowly

For these non-sense or what time supporter discourses elegantly

To avoid offending the wind of these rumors too often empty

A war has resumed there later said that O standard gardian

Go tell people in the giant flaming fires that land intolerance

underground that runs out slowly in the ivy

After so many years of wars rancid bridleways

‘ll Say I’ll pray to God that the fire ephemeral

Just to make a shaky ground

Or drop by drop the water is dripping

For you land the noble lady saffron ribbon

Elisabeth Vaury


One Response to “Earth, Air and Fire”

  1. De ces feux où meurent les bruyères en bandoulière
    Voient princes tyrans comme le ciel colère

    Par vos lettres faites d’alchimies nucléaires
    C’est toujours la même rengaine soudée à nos galères
    On en oublie le feu, le ciel et la terre

    J’ai épuisé tous mes mots pour te dire que je t’aime terre
    Je suis allée dans le ciel y trouver la plume de l’enfer
    Survivrais-je au feu de l’âge de pierre

    Voit mon dos courbé par toutes ces misères
    Explorant les osmoses dans l’univers
    Je reviens de grande terre rembobinant la déroute à l’envers

    Et j’y passe des nuits entières pour sauver le rossignol chantant
    Annonçant des vents nouveaux lentement
    Par ces non-sens ou ce temps partisan discourt élégamment

    Pour ne pas froisser le vent de ces bruits vides trop souvent
    Une guerre a repris là-bas ô c’est loin dit l’étalon gardian
    Allez dire géante gens aux feux flamboyants que la terre intolérance

    sous la terre qui s’épuise lentement dans le lierre
    Après tant de guerres des années rances cavalières
    Allez dire au ciel que j’irai prier sur le feu éphémère

    Pour n’en faire qu’une terre chancelante
    Ou l’eau goute à goute y est ruisselante
    Pour toi terre noble Dame au ruban safran


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