Widow (the temptation)

Widow (the temptation)

Expressionism Film Widow Thread Rays Tension Network Abyss Grid World Time Space Light Sign God Enigma Border Death Life Trace Leather Time Doors Arachnid Illusion Love Ariadne

The tension keeps the network. Nor its rays become.Emerge from the abyss filled with meaning.
As a metal grid to keep the world from falling. Currently stopping time and define the space.
-rays or pulsating, wrap, break, cut. Through them is refracted light, a sign of God.
Between life and death of boundaries is an enigma. The network leaves a trace on the skin, 
sinks times have the hide.Who will open the door, remove cobwebs. These rays to light-or keep love fatal. 
So, can the illusion of love, death move? Ariadne thread.

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