Symbolism Meeting sky drama architecture impression dark nature inspiration flight flock birds wings light flicker infinity cloud motion penetration phenomenon mark faith church orthodoxy cross movie metaphor art separation

To a man took off, first he needs some support for the sky. 
To support his idea of ​​the infinite. To look death in the eye. 
The temple is full of changes on earth. 
Through the cracks of matter breaks the spirit of immortality.
Adds bird feathers. The sculpture that hovers in the sky draw. 
Penetrate the unknown, mysterious to me. With my soul are connected.
Let a bird that can imitate you? 
Light and darkness are mixed purple flashing.
Luminosity purified by the wings of birds fall on me. Again?
Somewhere far away, flashing a starry sky on the dome Michelangelo.

4 Responses to “Clouds”

  1. c’est très beau ..

  2. Peircing gold meets my eye through the northern green curtain.
    Outside of causation I AM, that im certain. What to make of a scene of flying “V” buzzards before pixalation swarms purple and the glowing ridge hover. All of my light in the darkness, plus more if its needed. Symbols glow nightly pretending old ages. Its just good to see im not alone through these stages.

  3. ben bingham Says:

    in the sky, i look around, i see no one,
    having looked death in the eye, i find the infinite can be a cold place
    my temple crumbles, cracks in whatever matters, bird feathers,
    my own immortality, i try again, and again…
    i reach for the unknown, why am i the only one it seems?
    others imitate what they think i want them to be….
    only the purple flashing, maybe michelangeo knew what this was like?

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