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Wedding, River, Forest, Couple, Story, Photography, Memories, Poems, Decoration, Екатерина Хинкиладзе, Rada Žarkov, Žarbis Art Videos

When I have been about twenty,

 Mid-eighties with the drops,

 And storms with folks were fighting

 For the unharvested crops

That times, the friend of

 mine has told

To come To celebrate his wedding

On bride and on her

 father’s gold

And here am I with gentle

walk along the river

 With aim of wedding party

 In village next to mine

 Too messy for the morning:

The iron hiss

The drawer creak

 And happiness

 Of buddy-groom

Just woke up

And neighbors’ fuss –

No room for dullness

With dress the bride is proud

And no chance to miss the lace

But modesty is not the inspiration nature

 Despite the day is blessed for others

 With sacrament I’ve got

 the light and got the danger

 Of sudden painful flame

 Ignited in my soul

 And heart is having only

 thought –

To getting married. As life

 is one and goal

To happy be, and wedding

 at the river, and love

 intimacy by angels brought

The day was full of


 And got me confident to marry

The one I’ll call beloved

Along my path was looking

for my love in vain

And has been all beset

with thought

That life is nothing more

than miserable strain

 And lots of pain and no

 hope forth

The last resort –


 And having dreams of

 sweetheart face

 The heart was getting


The ages passed and

 Dreams came true

When once a time,

 In night in June,

We’ve gifted kiss

 In rose bud light

Екатерина Хинкиладзе



Judas Tree

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Repentance and Hope

Repentance and Hope. Judas Tree, Darkness, Brightness, Drama, War, Nature, Religion, Testament, Red -Black, Symbol, Rada Žarkov, Zarbis Art Videos,

A tree that separates light from the darkness

Painted with ballet

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Landscape painted with ballet

Ballet, Performance, Landscape, Metaphor, Movement Montage, Beauty, Symbol, Village, Forgotten Island, Disappearance, Heaven, Memories, Feathering, Legacy, Ruin, Island, Lake, Rada Žarkov, Žarbis Art Videos,

Everything is subject to changes and distorts! In The transformation is involved male figure in the role of a ballerina painting background in dissonant interval!

Caught in the net

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A man's vanity is a spider's web which he spreads over all that surrounds it

Psychology, Network, Branches, Drama, Stone, Head, Information Technology, Traces, Breath, Wind, Dark, Dead Zone, Cobwebs, Spiders, Insects, Conditionality, Victim, Person, Beauty, Destiny, Literature, Philosophy, Film, Animation, Swarming , Nature, Life, Transformation, Zarbis Art Video, Rada Žarkov

Caught in the net

extinguishes your breath

your face is

trail of network in stone

Hill and Peacock

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Hill and Peacock

Peacock,Hill,Pride,Beauty,Metaphor,Symbol,Wish,Comparison,Nature,Overflight,Sky,Daydreaming,Rada Žarkov, Zarbis Art Videos

Peacock will never fly over the hill,

 but his pride still remains.

The sound of the violin

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Dreamy Leaves

Violin, Leaves, Sound, Yellow, Magic, Scenery, Romantic, Dreamy, inspiration, Rada Žarkov, Zarbis art videos,

Only the magical sound of the violin can give a life to dreamy leaves


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Nature, Body, Androgym, Love couple, Apple, Separation and merger, Symbol, Digital, Transformation, Visual, Music, Graphics, Žarbis Art Video, R. Zarkov

The body can be shared. It can be exchanged with other forms of space.It flashes.Red, blue and yellow and its vibrations can paint mixing world. There is no head in the match scenes. World exists only as a matter. Turning and adding the body are causing the fire changes. Get a new body shape. Like when the real sculpture. It is here incomplete. But perfect.

Androgym primordial is a symbol of excellence and integrity. It represents the unity of opposites and the re-unification of male and female primordial forces that become one.