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The sound of the violin

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Dreamy Leaves

Violin, Leaves, Sound, Yellow, Magic, Scenery, Romantic, Dreamy, inspiration, Rada Žarkov, Zarbis art videos,

Only the magical sound of the violin can give a life to dreamy leaves



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Happiness, Fife, Metaphor, Sheep, Icon, Landscape, Nature, Sound, Music, Feelings, Space, Simplicity, Scene, Life, R. Žarkov, Žarbis Art Videos,

Happiness is to know how to play the fife . Fife or pipe is short ,material to make it can be found every where in nature, simple in preparation and can fit into any pocket . Her sound is heard far away ,narrowing the space and can attrackt a crowd and determine the direction of movement! It is perfect happiness is that it can convert all into the sound and pure condition of soul !

® Žarkov

Evening Bell – The shadow on the chapel

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Evening Bell - The shadow on the chapel

Evening Bell, The shadow on the chapel, Orthodox chapel, Sound, Crna Bara, Disrepair, Inspiration, Memory, Record, Banat, Animation, Žarbis Art, 

missing the bell

otherwise  thieve icon

in a dilapidated chapel

memory of her

the only sound